Things Have Changed

The way of the future in Chain of Responsibility has changed!  Outdated “Codes of Practice” that are only limited to certain States and have no application nationally leave transport and logistics providers in many cases without a “reasonable steps defence” under current Codes of Practice.

The Future – COR Management Plans.

CoR Management Plans:

Changes to the NHV Law will allow businesses (PCBUs) to utilise Management Plans consistent with the Work Health and Safety Laws, Environmental Laws, Food Safety Standards, and with relevant application to their sphere of operation.  Many businesses operate in multi-dimensional contexts and cannot afford to be operating under inconsistent compliance regimes requiring duplication for no gain.  A CoR Management Plan provides the solution in the transport and logistics industry.

A “CoR Management Plan” can be a contractual requirement for providers or users of transport and logistics services utilising heavy vehicles.


How do you know what steps to take with Chain of Responsibility?

Australian Logistics Compliance & Safety is an umbrella body providing Australia’s leading solutions for transport and logistics providers in the fields of: