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Chain of ResponsibilityFatigue ManagementLoading and Unloading
All StaffIntroduction to Chain of Responsibility (Awareness)Introduction to CoR (Awareness)Introduction to CoR (Awareness)
Key Corporate StaffApply Chain of responsibility Legislation, Regulations and Workplace Procedures (Basic)Basic Fatigue (Awareness)Basic Loading & Unloading (Awareness)
Level 1 Frontline StaffTLIF0001: Apply Chain of responsibility Legislation, Regulations and Workplace Procedures (Level 1)Apply Fatigue Management Strategies (TLIF2010)Load and unload goods/cargo (TLID2004A)
Level 2 Supervisors and ManagersTLIF0002: Administer Chain of Responsibility Policies and Procedures (Level 2)Administer the implementation of Fatigue Management strategies (TLIF3063)Load and unload goods/cargo (TLID2004A)
Level 3 Managers and DirectorsTLIF0003: Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure chain of responsibility compliance (Level 3)Manage Fatigue Management policy and procedures (TLIF4064)Load and unload goods/cargo (TLID2004A)
Level 4 ExecutiveCoR executive BriefingCoR executive BriefingCoR executive Briefing

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